Tuesday, September 26, 2006

macaque's love story

Macaque's love story like human's, but more directly. This is not first time I see before, but actually the first time to photographied and post on internet.
Another pictures are the injuried macaques, either hand or leg, may be due to macaques war but artificial by human being.
The end this page is the Killer of Chai-Shan, for the local government prohibit to feeding macaque and fine about NT$ 6,000.00, but in vain. The woman is the Killer of Chai-Shan, she is the negative case of a civilized society. I thought her is an Chingonu--"Chian Go Ro ( in Japanese )"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Macaque's life

The followings are life of macaque, Ape Hill( Chai-Shan).
The macaque is search for salt each other rathe rthan the insects by scratch the pelt.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

opening of Ape Hill Kaohsiung

Here is the blog about natural living things of the Ape Hill,Kaohsiung,Taiwan.
It is named by the Hollander on 1622, and called Da-Gu Shan( hit drum),Da-Go Shan( hit a dog) in different aboriginal terms. The hill is located at north west side of Kaohsiung, as a barrier of the city along the Taiwan Strait. There are many tales, stories of the Hill, and now it is called Chai-Shan( a hill filled up with wooden materials), now, and the most famous is the "macaque".The followings are the nature living things of the Hill.
Welcome to Chai-Shan.