Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy birthday, God of Land Ape Hill

The Moon Festival is also Birthday of the God of the Land( GOL, 山神 通常是 福德正神 ). It is Oct. 6 this year, here I show you the small temple of God of the Land. It is located at Northern Chai-Shan. In ordinary Daoist temples of Taiwan, there is a god of land who act as a manager and protection as a rule, but when the main god of a temple is God of Land, then what about the god who managed the temple? Here is the example, there is a smaller seat of god of the land on right anterior site of the main god GOL.Besides, there is god of tiger in front of the Main God ( GOL), an unusual structure of a small temple.
台灣民間信仰的廟 宮 殿 堂....等 在主神右側 通常供奉土地公 乃掌理神界的雜事者 像柴山的山神土地廟 主神是福德正神 那麼 掌管他的雜事的神祈 應該如何稱呼? 柴山 山神土地廟雖小 有虎爺鎮候 規模不小 但不知合乎體制嗎?
此廟 在北柴山 國泰休息站前 龍皇亭 旁邊小路進去 即可