Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy birthday, HM Chai-Shan(HM Chu)柴山王爺生日快樂

Every lunar March 16(May 2 2007) is birthday of HM Chu of Shan-Hai Temple( Mountain and sea palace), Ape hill( Chai-Shan), Kaohsiung. The temple is at western border of ape hill, near the rock seashore, is the only religious center of local residents. The origional god statues are moving to Nei-Wei (eastern side of ape hill) with the immigrants forcing by Japanese at 1938 era(Nei-Wei Shan-Hai Temple), a brotherhood between this two temples,now. The chief god is HM Chu, then HM Wen at left, HM Che( Di) at right,they are at main cabinet. The God of Birth is at left cabin,the God of Land at right cabin.每年農曆三月十六日是柴山王爺生日 柴山王爺也就是朱府千歲 供奉於山海宮 乃位於柴山西簏 瀕台灣海峽 是台灣唯一建於海邊的寺廟 它也是柴山居民的信仰中心 廟內奉祀朱府千歲 溫府千歲 池府千歲 註生娘娘 土地正神 1938年 日本人強迫居民東遷至內惟 本廟眾神明也被遷到彼處 乃"內惟山海宮"之由來 現在 兩地居民仍互動頻繁

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

View from Northeast, Shiao-Ping-Ding,Da-Shu 自大樹鄉小坪頂看柴山

The air is cloudy but the Ape Hill(Chai-Shan) still visible from Northeast, Shiao-Ping-Ding, Da-Shu Hsian,Kaohsiung County.At the left is a skyscraper.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello, A. Henryi 2007台灣魔芋報到

Amorphophallus henryi named by Henry at 1905, and exclusively noted on Taiwan. Appearing at every late April or begining May. It is distributed to Taichung, but mostly is at this hill, made up of limestone, the pedicel is indistinct.

2007 柴山的特有生物--魔芋--報到 首先出現者 是"台灣魔芋" 又名"雷公槍"

花柄不明顯 花株沒有密毛 是與"密毛魔芋"的最大區別