Monday, March 26, 2007

The ape hill, view from north

From north to see the ape hill is hard, for there is Navy Base. The pictures here is from Ker-Tze-Liao, Tze-Guan Hsian, Kaohsiung County, where is a fishing port, too.

柴山的北景 不易取得 因左營軍港就在柴山之北 這些照片是從梓官鄉蚵仔寮漁港防波堤附近照的 冬天的柴山 冷颼颼的

Hello, Spring

The weather is gradually warming and the birds are showing at ape hill .There are thrush, pigeon, and some kinds to be clarify. The squirrel is searching for foods, too. 春天到了 柴山的動物也陸續出現了 有"翠翼鳩" "小彎嘴" "松鼠"
還有 尚待查證者置於最上 長尾 棕腹 在"雅座"附近拍攝